Organizing Youth, 
Impacting Neighborhoods

In support of its mission, Organizing Youth, Impacting N
eighborhoods offers a site-based mentoring program called OYIN's Mentor Program. 

The program is free and targets children between the ages of 10 and 13. Although the mentor program targets low income residents located in Chicago, it is open to anyone, regardless of his or her background.

OYIN's Mentor Program



OYIN's Mentor Program meets every other Saturday during the school year, beginning in September and concluding in June. Most meetings are conducted at a predetermined location on the south side of Chicago, but activities also take place at offsite locations that promote the goals of the program. Examples of such offsite activities include visiting a local college campus, volunteering with a local nonprofit organization, and visiting museums located in Chicago. 


1)  Assist mentees in developing their identities/self-awareness;

2)  Assist mentees in developing a connection to their community;

3)  Create liaisons between mentees and peer groups from        

     other communities; 

4)  Plan for future success;

5)  Assist mentees in developing leadership skills; 

6)  Increase mentees' exposure to technology;