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Why we like OYIN's Mentor Program:

One reason we like this program is because it's fun because of the field trips and the indoor computers.  You learn new things like how our African American ancestors lived and the value of books in which you learn various subjects.  We also feel that the program helps us stay focused and determine our goals on what we want to achieve.  They also have nutritious snacks which gives you a healthy balance.

-- Lakeisha P. and Eric P., Mentees

This is my third year mentoring our kids in OYIN's Mentor Program, formerly CBAA Chicago Mentor Program.  I truly have enjoyed this invaluable 
experience.  I like the values of our program, the activities, the interaction with the kids, and the personal bonding relationships we form with the kids.  

A lot of young people get into trouble because of lack of opportunities, resources, and not having tangible, in the flesh, positive examples telling them that they can succeed despite their circumstance.  The young people participating in OYIN's Mentor Program are our leaders of tomorrow so we are sowing seeds into them today.

-- Faith H., Mentor

My friend and I were at school and she asked if I wanted to join a program that teaches you how to stay on track with school and your future. I said, "Sure!" and attended the meeting. We talked about the program and some of the activities we would be doing. After the meeting I felt that this was a great place to be on Saturdays, so I joined OYIN's Mentor Program.  

I am looking forward to the field trips where we will learn new and exciting things. For example, we went to DuSable Museum and watched a movie that showed us how the children were also involved in the Civil Rights Movement. In my opinion I feel like children today wouldn't want to do that. They are not as caring as the children back then. They won't sacrifice their lives for someone else.  If I was born back then, I would help my people fight for equal rights.  

The experience at the museum, just like OYIN's Mentor program, showed me how to go down the right path, do positive things, and be involved in what's important. When I go to high school I want to encourage other students in elementary school to go to OYIN's Mentor Program, and they will see a change in how they do things and their decisions will keep them on the right path.

-- Trayneshia T., Mentee